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The Qrendi Motto


“Conserve the Buildings of the Phoenicians - Inhares il-Bini tal-Fenici”.

Most historians have interpreted the meaning of the Qrendi Motto to be attributed to “Phoenician Buildings” found in the village’s vicinity.
They have defined the motto “Tyrium Dirutas Servo Moles” to mean, “I Conserve the Buildings of the Pheonicians - Inhares il-Bini tal-Fenici”.
Presumably these writers were referring to the Neolithic Temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra that in former times were thought to be of Phoenician Origin.
However this interpretation does not prove Phoenician presence at Qrendi, despite numerous Phoenician rock cut tombs that can be located at Qasam il-Hofra, half a kilometer away from the Mnajdra Temples.

The Qrendi Coat of Arms

Qrendi Coat Of Arms

The Qrendi Coat of Arms has been the subject of controversy for a considerable number of years.
The previously accepted version consisted of silver five-pointed star mounted on a blue square, superimposed on a white and red background.
It is believed that in former times, the Silver Star could have been preferred with six points rather than five.
As the five-pointed star version was the most commonly accepted, it is quite often found decorating the beautiful statue pillars during both the village feasts.

With the introduction of Local Councils in Malta and the passing of the Local Councils Act in 1993, Qrendi was presented with a different version of its village’s Coat of Arms.

The new coat of arms consisted of a five pointed Silver Star superimposed on a blue shield.The white and red background was omitted

Representations were made by the Qrendi Local Council to the department of Local Councils against this new design. After consideration, the Department offered the Qrendi Local Council with three options, that of having gold, silver or bronze band around their new design. The reason behind the omission of the red and white background representing the Maltese colours was that this privilege was reserved for the older towns and cities often reserved to as “Citta’ ” (“Citta’ Vilena” – Floriana)

The Qrendi Local Council left with no alternative, opted to have a gold band around its coat of arms. The village of Qrendi was therefore to have a third version of its coat of arms in such a short number of years.

Local Council Logo

innu Qrendi Anthem
Words: Paul Zammit
Music: Mro. Nazzareno Mifsud

Proud is your name, Dear beautiful Qrendi of ours

Peace to you from our heart at all times

Under your skies, your people grow in number and strength

Your dear voice remaining echoing in sweet harmony

Almighty God, You that are always in unity with us

Keep us firmly bonded in prosperous brotherhood